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Support for Organizations

Running an organization, be it a school or a business comes with significant challenges.  Everyone needs some support now and then; a fresh set of eyes on a problem you've been trying to solve for years or an impartial eye to help you identify the strengths and weakness in a particular area.  


We've got you covered. 


Leadership Redefined offers many services, all of which are tied to one key goal: helping your organization grow as a community so that you can collectively and sustainably work toward your preferred futures

Have a need you don't see listed here?  Send us a message — we want to help! 

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We conduct data-driven evaluations and provide organizations with research-based recommendations on how they can grow stronger and realize their vision for the future. 

Organization Evaluation

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Development of programs at the higher education, K-12 and corporate levels.

Curriculum Design

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Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative research, we can help you establish where you are within a specific program and give recommendations on where you might improve.

Program Evaluation

Changing culture is no small feat.  We can help you inspire your people with a shared vision and foster a  collaborative and sustainable plan for change that keeps all of your constituents in mind.

Culture Transformation

We help identify the needs of organizations and assist in the development of futures-based plans and programs to ensure success in a global market.

Program Design

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