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The Collective Mindset

A model and process for innovative leadership that embraces collaboration, communication, reflection, and future-thought.

One thing we have learned in working with leadership teams is that there's a strong desire and willingness to work collaboratively and collectively but there are very few opportunities to do so.  If we truly want to think and act in a collaborative way, the mindset of all stakeholders must shift into a collective one.

For every action we take in organizations, be it educational or corporate, we must learn and understand how to empathize and relate to others and reflect on how each decision affects others within the space. Many leaders have the capacity to think both inwardly and outwardly and already have the insight that all stakeholders must be considered when making decisions.  The challenge is to foster a true feedback loop where all parties are talking, discussing the impacts of their decisions.  Most importantly, futuring should be a focus so that the decisions made today prepare us for the best possible outcomes tomorrow. 

There are five components of the Collective Mindset Model (TCMM):

Systems Thinking

A healthy organization, like a healthy organism, has sub systems that must also each be healthy and properly integrated with the Whole.

Collaborative Leadership

Teams of bright individuals may struggle when problem solving together.  Understanding group dynamics and trust is critical in multilateral leadership.

Design Thinking

A culture that expects and honors creative thinking can shed old thinking habits and can employ a variety of design processes to bring ideas to productive birth.

Collegiality &
Building Community

A strong sense of community builds cultural capacity and increases communication, collaboration, and engagement.

Shared Vision

When a leader encourages a vision to emerge through dialogue and exchange among stakeholders it can spark energy within the culture structure. 

We recommend keeping these five pillars in mind when... 

Here are a few resources: 

If you would like to dive deeper into The Collective Mindset Model, you can read all about it in our book The Collective Mindset: A Roadmap for Continuous Innovation and Mindful Change.

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