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Thought Partnership Network

A resource for leaders in K-12 and Higher Education

K-12 and Higher Education have transformed seemingly overnight with the extreme pressures placed on school leadership to make rapid decisions for their school systems and communities in the wake of the Covid-19 and the current social and political climate.  Administrators across the United States are all too often pressured to quickly make critical decisions based on incomplete or missing information.  


Leadership Redefined recognizes that it takes more than a good plan, a Collective Mindset (C) and grit to guide your organization.  Just like the stakeholders in their schools or businesses, leaders need a community of support and a place where they can discuss concerns, decisions, obstacles, and fledgling ideas with others; a place where seasoned leaders can share their experiences and expertise and where blossoming leaders can bring share their new ideas and energy.


That is why we have cultivated the Leadership Redefined Thought Partnership Network.


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Image by Thom Holmes
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