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Our Team

Together, we have X years of experience ....


Rich Bernato, ED.D.

Chief Creative Designer

Rich enters his fifty-third year of a career in schooling that spans higher education, research and K-12 leadership roles, as well as consulting with and presenting to many school districts. His interests include catalyzing interactive and research-based effective curricula that are a result of futuring systems, planning, decision making, and high engagement of all stakeholders to ensure systemically healthy schooling and organizational practices.


Anthony Annunziato, ED.D.

Anthony Annunziato, Ed.D is a versatile, dedicated, and highly accomplished Education Leader with extensive academic instruction, school administration and community leadership experience for multiple schools and districts. He is adept at training and supervising staff and is frequently called upon by district Superintendents, University leadership, and educational consultants to provide systems analysis and recommendations.


Al Pisano, ED.D.

Al Pisano, Ed.D. is an accomplished presenter, thought leader, author, innovator, entrepreneur, curriculum and program developer, educational consultant, instructor, and administrator.  His experience and knowledge spans both educational and corporate spaces. Al has worked extensively in culture transformation and futures-based/visionary leadership with K-12 school districts, higher education, non-profits and corporations.

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